Karen J. Mossman


Karen J Mossman lives on the lovely Isle of Anglesey just off the north Wales coast. “We have everything here, beautiful beaches, mountain views and stunning countryside.” Not bad for a girl brought up in the city. “The simple pleasures of walking my dogs in so many nice places has many health benefits. Being retired means that I can indulge in all the things I enjoy doing, including writing books.”

Karen has been married for almost 40 years and has  two children and three grandchildren.

A compendium of EE BOOKS,
coming soon from Crimson Cloak Publishing.




Electric Eclectic novelettes were the brainchild of Paul White. They were intended to be taster introductions to an author's body of work, on the same lines as the CRIMSON SHORTS. Like the Crimson Shorts they began as ebooks, and in association with Crimson Cloak Publishing are now looking to make their way into print.

This is Karen's first book from Electric Eclectic to be published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.

Imagine visiting a village that has just been invaded by German WW2 soldiers. Now imagine you are no longer invisible.

What would you do if you woke to find yourself in a strange place not knowing who you were? Running outside, you find yourself caught up in a war. Not only that - you run for your life and come face to face with yourself.

Julie is time travelling and something has gone drastically wrong. Read this thrilling adventure where the future needs evidence from the past.

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The Truth Will Out  (00s) - myBook.to/TTWO


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Just Stories

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