Lady of the Deep

Lady of the Deep is a novel wrapped in history, romance and mystery.  The story begins in 1984, as the Rev. Dr. Jon Scott single-hands his boat for a restorative sail from Long Beach to San Clemente Island.  Anchoring in a small bay, John discovers an artifact that eventually leads to a sunken 19th Century ship.  Later, sailing home, he comes upon a floundering sailboat and aids in the rescue of Dr. Sky Rowan.  Jon and Sky gradually grow through conflicts and challenges.  They discover more of one another, their families, and ancestral ties to California's past.  Finally, a new era is made possible for the remnant of the Pomo Native American tribe from the middle 1800s.
The Rev. Dr. John Scott discovers an old sailing ship's figurehead, and later aids in the sea-rescue of Dr. Sky Rowan. Their Lady of the Deep helps them rediscover love while unraveling her secrets. Rumors of gold bullion in the wreck begin to surface, stolen by an enslaved people fleeing in the ship: can they use it to bring justice for the descendants, before treasure-hunters take their toll?
"Something far below caught his eye.  What he saw startled him.  No doubt about it.  What he saw seemed to be a body, partially buried in the mud."
***** FIVE-STAR REVIEW from a Barnes and Noble customer:
Interesting and well written story containing romance, adventure, intrigue, and many twists and turns you don't see coming. Sailing, diving, injuries, rescue, red tape, are just the beginning. There is so much more.. family relationships, and history, once lost is found with Jon being the catalyst that brings it all together. The author, Christopher Rubel, really knows how to catch your interest and reel you in to love the characters. Buy this won't be disappointed. cmj

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