Linda Paul


 A South African, Linda Paul lives in Auckland on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, surrounded by a series of dormant and not so dormant volcanoes. She loves the little islands that jut out of the ocean surrounding the Auckland coastlines, like formidable soldiers on guard. With retirement  on the horizon,wondering "where has all that time gone" and still having so much to do and so much to put on paper, she is preparing to steam-roll  ahead and entertain, with words and illustrations.


Linda’s Art and Murals


I always wanted to paint but only really got into in it once my youngest child finished high school in 2008. Being the breadwinner in the family stopped me from attending any formal art training but I was very eager to get down to painting at the first opportunity. My first shopping trip to get art equipment was scary. I wanted to get everything I thought I would need at once. Once I sat down and stared at the blank canvas I was at a loss where to start and what to paint. I just wanted to paint everything that came to mind. I had secretly been stashing pictures of art work that appealed to me. I love such a variety of work hence the variety of work I have done so far. I will eagerly take on a challenge and do something completely out of my comfort zone. I am very fortunate to have the support from friends and family. I joined the ART Guild in Auckland and was a member for four years and met awesome ‘arty’ people and participated in a few exhibitions till it closed its doors after 4 years.

I also painted murals for outdoor patios, nursery schools and as well as 26 by 5 ft canvases for a local Shakespeare theatre. They both were a huge success. My ultimate dream is to just paint and paint all day long, listening to 50s and 60s rock n roll music while I paint.


Mina is a strange cat: she is afraid of the moonlight and is called a Scaredy-Cat. Accidentally locked out one night, she hides in a rolled-up rug which magically transports her to meet friendly Mr. Moon.  After her adventure she realizes there is nothing to be afraid of and enjoys playing in the moonlit garden with the other cats.
A charming little story about courage and facing one’s fears.

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It is Molly’s turn this year to craft an extra special decoration for the top of the Christmas tree, but she is stumped. At the last minute, she has a brainwave, and creates a unique ornament that warms her family’s hearts, and will make this a Christmas to remember.
A feel-good Christmas story for children underlining the importance of Family at this special time of year.

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Linda's Stunning Ethnic Masks are designed to give a new interest to children wanting to have fun ...
Using vibrant colors to color them in and then assembling them is part of the excitement.  There are easy-peasy instructions and loads of fun to be had wearing them.
These specially designed masks each come with matching inserts but can be worn without. So select, color, snip, assemble and have a great time.

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 is an exciting new game.

This thrilling activity is designed around some of America's great history, bringing to life not only those events but the clothing worn during those times. The game will keep youngsters occupied, learning and at the same time having heaps of fun.  They will match costumes with the dates, color them in and do research about the characters' time travels, all the while competing with one another to collect those historical facts.

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