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Lisa Beere is an Ottawa writer creating in the areas of poetry, short stories, children's literature and romance. Her poetry has appeared in Ottawa Poetry Magazine and Meat for Tea: The Valley Review. Her first screenplay became the film Cindy's Gauntlet (2015). Her book Equal to The Challenge: An Anthology of Women's WWII Stories was published in 2001 under the name Banister. She loves family time, fine dining, theatre, white water rafting and singing.




Gimli the Goblin,
Sparkle the Elf,
Twinkle the Elf,
God's Littlest Angels,
Night Noises,

I'm Running Away!
Sam and the Bully,
One Big Family,
Hair, Hair Everywhere!
Mommy Doll Day
Cats In the Hall
Bumble Bear
The Monster Who Ate All of the Colors
Jack and His Cats
Mom Works
Dad and Me
In the Big House

  Sparkle, the tiniest elf, is never noticed and so she feels badly about herself. She decides to learn how to sew and make a special outfit so she'll stand out from all of her brothers and sisters.


When Ernie the Elf Watcher magically appears, he reminds Sparkle of all the things she is good at and all the people that care about her. This causes Sparkle to see herself in a new light, literally. She starts to "sparkle"!

Sparkle then finishes her sewing project and wears it to dinner, where her family notices her new sparkle from self-confidence and the outfit she has put so much effort into making.

Sparkle the Elf will inspire self-confidence in children by reminding them that they are loved and have skills. It will also encourage them to be proud of their accomplishments.

Illustrated by Kae Richardson.

Despite being about an elf, this is NOT a Christmas book! Although it would make a wonderful gift - any time of year! This book is about how children can build self esteem and confidence.

"The children in our day care were very attentive to this story.  They enjoyed the pictures and the story and they were able to follow along and answer my questions as we went.  It was well written and easy to read, easy also to put expression into the reading using the punctuation to guide me. " 

Tanya S. 35 years in Early Childhood Education

"Night time and hearing noises for some children, especially those with a vivid imagination, can be a little frightening. This lovely story explains that all noises can be explained. The child feels comforted each time by a relative but still is alone until he has his teddy bear to cuddle, which settles him down for a good night's sleep."

Rosita Bird, Children's Author

Sam is a young child who can't sleep, distracted by the many noises of the night. Each family member attempts to help him. Eventually, his Nan discovers the issue and sister Junie comes to the rescue with a solution that reassures Sam of how much he is safe and loved.

This story will appeal to children who have concerns about being alone in the dark and those older ones that will be sleeping away for the first time. While written as a picture book this text is also accessible as an early reader.

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I was inspired to write Night Noises because of my noise sensitivity, caused by a serious concussion. As I lay awake in the middle of the night, again...I thought of how it would be for a child who was worried about all the noises of the night."

Illustrated by Lynn Costelloe



Also available in FRENCH:

Sam est un jeune garçon qui n’arrive pas à dormir, distrait par les nombreux bruits dans la nuit.

Chaque membre de sa famille essaie de l’aider. Éventuellement sa Mamie découvre le problème et sa sœur Émilie vient à la rescousse en trouvant une solution qui démontre à Sam combien il est aimé et en sécurité.

L’histoire plaira aux jeunes enfants qui ont peur du noir ou aux plus âgés qui dormiront ailleurs que dans leur chambre pour la première fois. C’est un livre illustré qui convient également aux lecteurs débutants.

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Book Review
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Night Noises by Lisa Beere is an adorable storybook for kids where they see a little boy getting ready for bed. He is wearing his favorite pajamas, and after that he goes to the bathroom and brushes his teeth. He then goes to the living room to tell everyone that he is ready for bed. He gives a goodnight kiss to everyone there and goes to his bedroom, holding his mother's hand. Once the lights are switched off and his mother leaves the room, the little boy hears noises and he cannot sleep. First he yells for his mother, then for his dad, and after that for his grandpa. Will the little boy finally be able to get to sleep? Read the story to find out!

The essence of the story is good; it highlights the importance of family in a child's life, and speaks about kindness and night fears. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life into the characters and the scenes. It is a good bedtime storybook, especially for those kids who have difficulty in getting to sleep at night. The book can be used for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries as many of the children will be able to relate well to the little boy and sleep issues. The story is simple but real and relatable to many kids and parents out there. The author handles a relevant topic with some nice characters and wonderful illustrations that will capture the attention of young readers.

Lisa's Poem The Family Quilt
appears in volume 6 of the Crimson Cloak AnthologiesNEW BEGINNINGS, for which Lisa has also written the foreword.

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TIDES AND TAILS is a collection of donated mixed-genre short pieces having something to do with the sea/beach.  We have stories, poetry and pictures.
Cover design kindly donated by
Jessica Dorlac

This book will be sold in aid of The La Habra Citrus Fair

In the book:
The Beach, a micropoem, by Lisa Beere
In the Moment, a poem, by Lisa Beere

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When Granny cuts the children's hair, it gets everywhere!

Hair, Hair Everywhere! focuses on family dynamics, specifically the tension between Mom and Grandma over decision-making for the children. The story demonstrates to readers how they could use humour instead of anger to cope with difficult situations. All the while, this lesson is wrapped around an issue children deal with every day - the status of their hair!

By Lisa Beere

Illustrated by May Mutter

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The Sequel to "Night Noises". (2nd in the Sam & Junie Series)

Sam is feeling a little left out now that the new baby has arrived. Even his sister Junie is too busy to play with him.

So Sam decides to run away! (Don’t worry, he doesn’t get out the door.)
Deciding what to pack can be challenging …
At the end, Sam is given a happy surprise and he decides it is much better to stay.

By Lisa Beere

Illustrated by Lynn Costelloe

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Official Review: I'm Running Away! by Lisa Beere
Post Number:#1 by CataclysmicKnight » Yesterday, 12:19
[Following is an official review of "I'm Running Away!" by Lisa Beere.]
4 out of 4 stars
Review by CataclysmicKnight
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I'm Running Away! is a short, illustrated children's book about the pains of being a middle child. Told in rhyming couplets the story follows Sam, a boy who simply never gets any attention from his family. When he can't take it anymore, he decides to run away immediately!
After Sam decides to run away, he has to figure out what he needs to pack. A backpack doesn't have much space for packing, so Sam has to be selective, but not so selective he can pass up his share of the toy cars or his height chart that shows off his growth. He wants cookies and milk too but ponders how to put milk in a backpack. On his way out the door he's caught and ends up receiving a surprise that makes him feel special, leading him to change his mind about running away.
The idea of running away to make a point is one that I can personally relate to very well. I grew up in Chicago where public transportation could get you anywhere you wanted to go. With such an easy way to get fun places (like the mall) I too decided to run away. I didn't want to run forever, just a few days, and took only my backpack (like Sam!). After a few hours of boredom I felt bad and returned home, returning at the same time my father did when he was out looking for me. Things went about as expected - he was far more elated to see me than angry I left, and I felt so bad about doing it that I never thought about it again. The reason I mention all of this is that when Sam says "When they notice I'm gone, what will they say?", I 100% relate to it. These 9 words pack a lot of punch, and they brought me back to my teens when I did the same. While the book is short (12 pages each of alternating images and text), it packs a lot of emotion and a good lesson.
I enjoyed the art in I'm Running Away! as well. Illustrated by Lynn Costelloe, all the art in the book is clearly hand-drawn. It also pulls off matching emotions with the text from author Lisa Beere, highlighting Sam's loneliness as his siblings get all of the attention from his parents. The writing is also done well, and the rhyming flow of the writing is done well. Between the art and the rhymes it's very fitting for reading to young ones and showing off the images. The recommended age on Amazon is listed as 3-8 years old which is perfect both for the way this book is written and for the ages that seem most likely to have a new sibling added to the family. Above all, I'm Running Away! is the perfect book for a middle child. Middle Child Syndrome is a real, studied thing that many middle children experience as they feel ignored and grow resentful and jealous of their siblings. Lisa, the author, also mentions that she wrote this book to help parents with any child going through the "adjustment period" of a new sibling, like when she had her own second child. A child who is used to getting all of the attention can have just as much trouble, or even more, when a new baby is brought into the family. In these situations, I highly recommend I'm Running Away!. My official rating of the book is 4 out of 4 stars, although I wish Sam would've been able to run away for a bit to show  that successfully running away isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Mouse in a Big House" follows our little mouse as he explores inside a house. The story teaches young children about directions, size and relationships.

Aimed at children age 2-7 years; with subtle rhymes and language simple enough for early readers to participate.

By Lisa Beere

Illustrator Stephanie Daze

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Illustrated with vivid colours and the imagination of Karda Zenkő, Lisa Beere's words come alive!

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Twinkle the Elf: a copycat who finds herself.

Twinkle the copycat wants to be JUST like her sister.

Twinkle thinks her older sister Sparkle is perfect! Twinkle wants to be just like her. Luckily Sparkle is a wise older sister and realizes why Twinkle is copying everything she does. Twinkle and Sparkle have a heart-to-heart talk and Twinkle is gently reminded that she is already super special, just by being herself.

By Lisa Beere

Illustrated by Kathryn Richardson

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A collection of poetry celebrating the Moments that make up our lives, from seasoned poet Lisa Beere.

Her poetry has appeared in Ottawa Poetry Magazine and Meat for Tea: The Valley Review.

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comes alive with the teamwork of artists Billi-Jo Rempel and Desireah Lascelles. With bright colors and a sense of playfulness, CAT allows early readers to read the story aloud as they follow CAT throughout the day.

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In Sam and the Bully readers take a unique look at bullying, by seeing it through one bully's eyes. The story is a gentle way to encourage young children to talk about bullying, whether they are the bully or the child being bullied. It makes the reader ask "Why is the bully doing what he/she is doing?" Also, “How should you act if you want to make friends?" The story gives young children a means of discussing their property rights and personal space.The Author hopes that this story will encourage adults and children to talk about bullying issues. It is meant to entertain and be a tool to combat the bullying crisis by addressing it at the youngest levels.

Illustrated by Lynn Costelloe

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Gimli The Goblin  (Coming soon)

The other children don't want to play with Gimli, because he looks different. Then one day, Gimli meets Curtis at the playground. Curtis is being picked on because he's different. Curtis is blind. Gimli comes to Curtis' rescue and the two boys become friends.

This story gives tangible examples to children on how they can make accommodations to enable differently-abled children to join them at play. It also subtly addresses the cultural hurdles apparent on schoolyards today.

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