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One fateful night, beneath the crimson moon and the howling of wolves, a being too gentle for this hardened earth came into existence. Her Guardians named her Loraine, and though she was small, but only a baby, they knew she would accomplish great things. Okay so life isn't really a fairy tale, but with hard work and strong support, she'd come pretty darn close to one. With two adorable and sweet little kiddies, Loraine couldn't ask for more. Through out her school years, she'd had her poems published locally, and after graduating high school she decided to take a gap year and live in Ireland and oh, it was fun. It was where she wrote her first novel at the age of 19, and decided to self publish it in 2010 when she arrived back in her home country, which she did while working and studying Graphic & Advertising design for a year. After the arrival of her two adorable kiddies, life has been crazy and noisy ever since, but still great none the less. Currently, she is a freelance Graphic Designer for Burning Willow Press and Crimson Cloak Publishing, residing in Gauteng, South Africa. Designing remains her hobby, and throughout the years it has secretly become her passion. She's had various short stories published in anthologies and will hopefully soon be successful with publishing her latest novella.

The proof is here!

Posted by Kindra Sowder on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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