Mary Filmer


Mary Filmer lives with her husband in Western Australia. She is successfully in remission from cancer and is positive and motivated in her writings. She has over the years won many awards for her work with children.  She was the inaugural award winner of the Fire Person of the Year while working as an educational officer for the Fire Service in Western Australia and received congratulations from the then Minister assisting the Minister of Womenís Interests.  (Dr. Judith Watson,MLA).


Mary wrote the Juvenile Arson Programme and many other Fire Safety educational programmes for children. She has won awards for her Art and Craft work at shows and has written a childrenís column for a newspaper for two years.

In addition she has published the following works:

  Emergency 000
  Farmer Frank, the Volunteer Firefighter
  Mystique of Billydine
. (Out of Print)
  Fire Fighter Pat colouring in book (Out of print.)
  Mary Sumeridge Beginnings
  Mary Sumeridge and the Golden Locket
  Mary Sumeridge: Dancing with the Stars
  Frog Heaven
Frog Heaven is a "black liner" book offering a useful resource for educators and plenty of associated fun for children, while carrying a helpful message explaining Death and the natural cycle of things in reassuring terms.  There are line drawings to colour in accompanying the tale of little Cheryl, who buries a dead frog in a shoebox and is concerned that her elderly grandfather could die too. There is a section of information for teachers, and details galore about the different frog species to be found around the world, with projects based on the information in the book. Plans for creating frog- and toad-related musical instruments, wall charts and calendars make this a fun educational book with a difference, from experienced children's author Mary Filmer.

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Short Story for Glodwyn's Treasure Chest:

Mushroom Hop



Reissued by Crimson Cloak Publishing, this is the story of a little girl whose heritage is that of a witch.  With the help of a little troll called Poppy, a Pirate and a talking Parrot, she has a magical adventure which takes her to strange new worlds.


All through time children of all ages and adults have fantasized about the magical worlds of fairies, witches and dragons. Just to name a few of these wonderful enchanting places. In this lovely story, you will be taken to a place where some of these magical folk live. You the reader, whether old or young, will be able to use your imagination and visit along with Mary Sumeridge a new and exciting world. You will be taken to a magical place where you will meet dragon people, who are no bigger than the largest of red roses. You will meet a tiny Troll named Poppy, who gets around by flying on the back of a seagull. Granny Ann can change into a tiny bird to help save the life of her granddaughter, and a boy named Frank, who can fly. Mary Sumeridge is a little girl, who has a heart much bigger than her little friend Poppy. Mary has to fight a wicked witch and save a ghost as well as find a treasure, which is like no other and one which is precious.

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Book 2 in the Mary Sumeridge series:

Under Maryís careful eye, the golden locket is finally safe.  Or is it?

There have been strange and worrying signs coming from the other world hinting at troubling times to come.  

Has Annilig managed to find her way free of her prison?  Can Mary master her new wand in time to defeat an enemy she canít yet see?

In this adventure you will travel through a mysterious land and meet amazing creatures with Mary and her companions, and if all goes well there may even be a pot of tea and a cream cake.

  Frank the flying boy is back, and Toey the smelly parrot, in this, the second in the Mary Sumeridge  series about the adventures of the child with a witch's heritage. Witches, dragons, and tunnels reached through an underwater cavern guarded by an octopus make for a thrilling ride as Mary works to master her new wand and outwit the evil Annilig.




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