Michael J. Elliott



Michael J Elliott has written stories since his early schooldays and was described by his school principal as “A second Alfred Hitchcock”. Michael continued his love of writing in high school, where he wrote and acted in films for his Media Studies class. He went on to study media briefly at college, writing film scripts and radio ads. As a member of a community social theatre club, Michael wrote many of the sketches and routines that were performed for the benefit of senior citizens clubs. His most notable writing success was having one of his previously written comedy sketches chosen for a television comedy special.

Michael lives in a bayside suburb in the State of Victoria, Australia. When he isn't writing tales to terrify readers, he's often uploading new content to his YouTube channel, The Dark Realm Diaries. It's a channel for lovers of horror/thriller fans that features book and movie reviews as well as trivia, myths and legends from around the world.

Michael has also been commissioned to illustrate the children's book series Girlie's Adventures by author Claire Plaisted (available on Amazon).

Michael can be found relaxing with books, cooking, drawing and watching Golden Age Hollywood movies.

Michael is single but shares his life and his writing desk with his two cats, Charlie and Snaps.

Electric Eclectic novelettes were the brainchild of Paul White. They were intended to be taster introductions to an author's body of work, on the same lines as the CRIMSON SHORTS. Like the Crimson Shorts they began as ebooks, and in association with Crimson Cloak Publishing are now looking to make their way into print.

Final Harvest is a riveting dark tale of an old man's desperate wish to be re-united with his deceased family. In a pact with the ancient tree on his land, the old man is assured his reward will be his wish of reunion. But how many innocent victims must suffer for him to achieve his promise to the tree and would his reward be according to his wishes. Final Harvest is a noir tale of love, death and being careful for what you wish for, because it may just come true.

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