My Great-Grandad was a Soldier

With a foreword by Simon Weston C.B.E. and royalties going to the charity Care After Combat.
This lovely book is a little boy's journey through history, as he investigates his own Great-Grandfather's role as a World War Two combatant.
 Illustrated by
Lynn Costelloe.

Jacob lives with his parents Sandra and Adrian but also spends a lot of time with his grandparents Jean and Dave. One day Jacob discovers a World War 2 soldier's uniform in his grandad's loft. This leads to many questions as the uniform belonged to his great grandad who was an engineer in the army. This then leads to Jacob wanting to follow in his footsteps in seeking a similar career in the army.


This book is published in aid of ‘Care After Combat.’
Some Veterans Are Still Fighting … For Their Lives

In addition to 100% of both author and artist's royalties, $0.25 from every e-book version sold, and $1 from every PRINT copy sold, will go to Care After Combat
My Great-Grandad was a Soldier, children's coloring page
My Great-Grandad was a Soldier, bookmarks set