Olga Gedimin-Borisova

Born in 1964, Olga is a practicing Zen Buddhist who lives in Moscow.

Since I was a child I have been asking myself questions, such as, What am I? Where have I come from into this life, and will I still be myself afterwards? These are Zen questions which open up the Path of awareness of the world through self-investigation. However, I was also a different kind of investigator, asking myself how I can influence the events and circumstances of my own life through thought. From time to time I have tried to do this and succeeded. This is the second path, the Path of the Mage. My mind instantly grasped and absorbed news and knowledge concerning the two subjects already mentioned.

I was nine years old when I first woke up inside a dream. I was dreaming about a chase. A crowd of people wearing medieval clothes were chasing me, and I no longer had the strength to run. Suddenly I realized quite clearly that I was in a dream - in my own dream! That meant that I could change it! So I started to run higher and higher through the air, and I flew away from the chase.

Lucid dreaming became my hobby. Amazing things unfolded in my dreams. In my dreams, I attended classes where mage-teachers were instructing a group of students in the art of flying in dreams and other unusual subjects.

At 25 I started doing yoga at a school where a large amount of attention was given to the visualization of special energy and contemplation. In physical terms I was a long way behind the other students, but I practiced every day. I stopped going to the classes when I discovered for myself, by means of experimenting, that one of the teacher's instructions with regard to visualization was wrong.

I later became acquainted with the Science of Mind (the science of how to exercise control over life circumstances with the aid of thought) through the books of Louise Hay, Frederick Bailes, Ernest Holmes, and others. I began to do exercises and achieved results which could not be coincidences given their sheer number.

At 30 I discovered Zen Buddhism for myself, and have been practicing Zazen ever since. I discovered that Zen, as the Path of profound self-investigation, goes very well with the practice of miracles, the Science of Mind. During that same period, I also attended Norbekov courses, and later (after writing a book) I studied Simoron practices. I also returned to yoga classes time after time, I began to write talismanic verses to order, and consequently the miracles increased.

Talismanic poetry is a practice of my own making, as an author. My client thinks of a wish, writes it down using pen and paper, and gives the note to me. Then I compose a talismanic poem so that this wish might be fulfilled, and I hand it over to the client in the form of a text which is handwritten in ink on a sheet of colored paper. The success of every talismanic poem is to be found in the results it produces. The verses are magical. They have all been composed for specific clients, and have then been used effectively by other people, too.

When my Zazen practice became constant, and my inner quiet became so profound, giving rise to mystic visions (Makyo), I suddenly acquired mysterious friends in Ancient Egypt, and experienced a magical adventure. This was the origin of Preferences: a story of Ancient Egypt.


Her book Preferences, a story of ancient Egypt, will be published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.



A group of friends travel to Egypt to take part in a Reality Show.  Inadvertently transported to ancient Egypt, they do not at first realise what has happened, and must adapt to survive in this strange new world.

Not just a science-fiction story, the book explores philosophy and attitudes of the era and affords some serious food for thought.