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Pamís item A MOTHERíS GRIEF A MOTHERíS HOPE, featured in the Crimson Endings  anthology, is a fictional story based on the 1st Hull Commercials and introduces the connection to DJ Williams of the Brunswick Ironworks and the Unknown warrior, which will feature in the forthcoming book on his life and work as a master art metal craftsman in the twentieth century. The book will tell the story of the Williams family, three generations of master art metal workers who all contributed something unique to major events of the twentieth century.

DJ Williams, the founder of the company, worked with David Lloyd George the Welsh Prime Minster as both men were from Caernarfon in North Wales. DL George reinstated the coronation of the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle with DJ undertaking extensive work in the castle including the erection of a balcony at the Queenís Gate so the at the new Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII, could be seen.

DJ and his son Harold created a fire screen for the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and a large full-scale replica of the coronation crown for the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Caernarfon Castle in 1953 following her coronation.

Harold and his son Meurig went on to create the Crown of Thorns for Liverpoolís Roman Catholic Cathedral.


I have only just started writing but have made up stories to tell my sons when they were small.

The book on DJ Williams of the Brunswick Ironworks of Caernarfon North Wales came about following the completion of my doctoral thesis which researched the history of the company. This was when the little-known story of the contribution of this master art metal craftsman and those of his son and grandson came to light.

The book is written as a tribute to the work of DJ Williams and also to all those people who never came home from the Great War and the subsequent conflicts of the twentieth century.

The research for the book took three years and actually writing it will take two years as I have had to obtain permissions to reproduce the images of his work which include Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace and other locations across the country.

The story almost wrote itself in as much as once I started discovering the connections with DJ Williams and key events everything started to fall into place. It was as if this story was waiting to be discovered and told. Meurig Williams the grandson of DJ Williams and the current owner of the Brunswick Ironworks told me that it was as if his grandfather took all these photographs and kept all the letters of appreciation knowing that one day someone would come along and write the story of his amazing career.


Endings are a part of life's relentless cycle.

Here is a mixed genre selection of tales reflecting life's mirror.

Murder mysteries, ghost and war stories, fantasy and contemporary, this collection of work from Crimson Cloak Publishing's talented stable of authors offers a variety of reads within the pages of one book.

You won't want it to end!


The Beast, by Nkosi Ife Bandele

Skari's Tale, by Heather Cawte

Fare Thee Well, By Jess and Keith Flaherty

Swan Song, by Ricky German

Arrivals and Departures, by A. Lawati

The Art of Dying, by Will Neill

The Girl in the Blue Dress, by Esma Race, illustrated by Veronica Castle

A Meeting of Souls, by Esma Race

Mr. Mayor, by Patrick Shanahan

The Mysterious Case of the Brain Snatchers, by Rick Stepp-Bolling

Bob's Story, by Rick Stepp-Bolling

The Luckiest Man in Vietnam: (Marines 0, VC 1), by Gary Winstead

With bonus story A Motherís Grief, a Motherís Hope, by Pam Smith

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Pam's short story in
, volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity, sold in aid of Los Angeles feral cat charity FIXNATION .

This story is illustrated by Pam's niece KATIE JOY

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