Paul J. Dane

Paul's book WEAVING WITH LIGHT,  the Beginner's Guide to a Peaceful Mind.
re-released by Crimson Cloak Publishing

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Born and raised in the west of England, Paul left home to study natural sciences at the University of Leicester in 1980 then on to Scotland where he received a Ph.D. from the University of St Andrews in 1987.

His first career, in the boom years of the technology industry, plunged him into the kind of lifestyle that was available to a fortunate few at the time. A journey which he found materially abundant and spiritual vacuous.

At the change of the millennium, he became the father of two children whose arrival caused him to fundamentally rethink his life, get rid of the empty, materialistic career and focus on the important things in life; like bringing up the kids and pursuing a less materialistic lifestyle. Following his own advice Paul now enjoys his freedom travelling, writing and playing the healing gongs.

This book is about each of us finding lasting peace and happiness in our life, without losing ourself to the cult of materialism which is causing so much harm to our planet. It is about us developing a deeper sense of self awareness; a deeper connection to one another and the world in which we live, without having to adopt any particular form of religious practice or belief system. This is not a book about philosophy, science or religion, although it touches on all of those things. Nor is it a self-help guide. It will not tell you how to live your life differently. It will invite you to consider the reasons why your life might not be all that you had hoped for. And it will invite you to consider alternative ways of seeing yourself and the world in which you live, in the hope that you might then go on to experience greater meaning and fulfilment in your life. Many of the ideas discussed in this book have been influenced by channelled material, received by the author, prior to publication.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

A book with the potential to make a real difference

By MS J. L. Russell


Do you ever ask questions like 'Why are we here?', 'What's the point?' or 'Is there anything more after death?' Paul Dane's intelligent and philosophical consideration does not claim to have all the answers, but instead helps us to explore the possibilities based on what we do know. This inspiring and, ultimately, hopeful book also issues a stark warning. The human race is sailing towards self destruction. Are we willing to reassess our priorities, challenge the status quo and together make the many small and large changes required to turn the ship around?

Weaving with Light is deeply thought provoking and deserves to be read by many. My only concern is that with its very beautiful mystical cover and poetic title, Paul Dane might be preaching to the converted. I would love to see this book repackaged and possibly retitled to reach the mainstream readers who really need to read it.


5 stars

Enlightening read about the human condition and spiritual growth.

By Karen 


This book brings together, in a readable and accessible way the essence and dilemmas of the human condition. It addresses the big question, the meaning of life and why we are on this planet. The purpose is perhaps deep felt in many perhaps all of us, a message of love, atunement and connectedness. There are links to authenticity to oneself, the flow of a true life, transcendence from the material to the spiritual dimension and mankind's responsibility to care for each other , care for oneself and care for the world today . Simply put it is a vision of care . Perhaps in the artificial and empty goals of a material world, a world driven by greed rather than need our true responsibility to others and the future is a lost message. What is unique about this book is the bringing together of diverse disciplines, essentially holding the same message of care and love into a vision of day to day life. I'd recommend it for anyone contemplating what it means to be human, why we are on this planet and wanting a synthesis from a range of disciplines into a coherent perspective. It makes the complex sound comprehensible and doable ......the authenticity of self and a caring existence. It's an enlightening read . Karen


5 stars

There is so much more in this little book. One of that you want to keep.

By Mak 


Finally someone who speak clear, without twisting and swirling, especially without pushing you toward any parties. There is so much in such a little book. Great source of inspiration, it does not matter at which point of your personal journey you're on.

It invite you to become more, through simplicity and authenticity, it show you how easy can be to reach a higher level of understanding of what we are experiencing within our life.

I really like the positive, the acceptance and the good that thread all through the pages.

Great read, very clever, I will read it through again, always inspiring and there is more to be taken out... even after years it will still have his great content to reveal.

It is a tool one can use to understand "lasting peace and happiness" within and beyond ourselves - and as a reflection, all over our entire world. A book you want to keep, as it will maintain his value through life time changes.


5 stars

A book to refer to again and again for inspiration and guidance..

By Jane 


Paul's book summarises in a concise and readable way, ideas about self awareness and the deeper meaning and understanding of day to day life that we can find if we look beyond the material physical world. It encourages you to explore new ideas and consider ways of making life less complicated, but more intense and richer as a result. It has inspired me to move forward and to see my life differently, and to be kinder to myself and those around me. It is helping me find greater fulfilment and a calmer, more peaceful existence. This is a book I will refer to again and again, as both inspiration and guidance.


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