Peter D. Capen


Peter Capen is a freelance magazine author, lecturer, and award-winning nature photographer.  Elected a Fellow of both the prestigious Royal Geographic Societyand the Explorer’s Club of New York, he has participated in expeditions to document wildlife on land and undersea, indigenous cultures, and archeological sites in exotic locations around the world.  His nearly 50 years of exploration have taken him to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Sea of Cortez, French Polynesia, Micronesia, New Guinea, the Trobriand Islands, Australia, the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Islands, India, Borneo, throughout Southeast Asia, and along the Pacific Coast of North America from Baja California to Southeast Alaska.

Random Reflections on American Society, Politics, and the Human Condition
The observations of a lifetime and musings on all that's right or wrong with the world are framed as a series of aphorisms in this controversial little book. Some will elicit a "yesss!" reaction, while others will cause the opposite response.  Whether your opinions echo or oppose the words of "wisdom" contained herein, this is an entertaining collection of pithy sayings, that could double as a handy source of internet memes for the busy twitter user ...

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Capen’s articles and photographs have appeared in more than 100 publications in North America, Europe, and Asia. His credits include among others Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian, Pacific Discovery, Tauchen, BBC Wildlife, Oceans, International Wildlife, California Living, and various books and newspapers. For a number of years he was a regular contributor to Grolier’s Encyclopedia Science Supplement and the New Book of Knowledge. He has also worked on several television documentaries, including a Survival Anglia special on ‘mass coral spawning’ in Western Australia.  


For five years Capen was the Executive Director of The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, Washington and its killer whale research studies.  Throughout the years, he has served on the boards of directors of a variety of organizations, including the North Cascades Institute, and was a founding board member of the San Juan Preservation Trust.  He also taught writing and natural history courses part-time for more than 20 years at Tacoma Community College and Bates Technical College in Tacoma.


Peter Capen lives in Tacoma, Washington with his Thai wife Phenprapa.  He and his wife also have a family home in Bangkok and a 60-acre rubber farm along the banks of the Mekong River.  Now retired from college teaching, he has resumed freelance writing full-time and is currently at work on both non-fiction and fiction projects.


Tales of a Vagabond Soul

A  collection of miscellaneous short stories from the author of "Random Reflections on American Society, Politics and the Human Condition", ranging from a mysterious murder to the vagaries of being a scuba instructor.

Tales of a Vagabond Soul is a collection of insightful short stories from seasoned storyteller Peter Capen, inspired by observed behavior of ordinary people over many years. Entertaining but haunting, a book you will come back to.

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Fascinating true accounts taken from a lifetime's experience of exploration

Come with me on adventures to exotic destinations and in your backyard, exploring the wonders of nature both on land and undersea. Dive spectacular Palancar reef off the Mexican Caribbean island of Cozumel, as well as on the sunken Japanese ships from World War II that litter the floor of Chuuk Lagoon in the Eastern Caroline Islands. Visit the artistically stunning pre-Columbian Mayan ruins of Copan in jungles of Honduras in Central America and the ancient Micronesian stone fortress city of Nan Madol off the South Pacific island of Pohnpei. Explore the secrets of a decaying log in the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest and the captivating undersea realm of the kelp forest. Stroll among the booths and crowds of Mayan Indians on Market Day at Chichicastenango in the Guatemalan Highlands. And lie on your belly on a grassy knoll on a warm summer day in Central California to watch unfold the grisly reproductive ritual of the spider and the wasp. Within the pages of this slim volume are adventures to whet your appetite for yet more to learn about the endlessly fascinating spectacles of Nature and the ancient and timeless cultures of native peoples around the world.

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