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Peter Jacob Streitz came from a single parent home in rural up-state New York. Got a full basketball scholarship to college, but left within a week's time to return to his village where he manned the doughnut fryer at the local bakery from 2AM to 6AM before assuming his gofer duties at 7AM to 3PM for the production-line ladies at the Quackenbush Nutcracker Factory. In the dead of winter he discovered an opening at Boston University's School of Education and graduated with the only diploma ever given for Alternative Education. He then worked for a collection agency, repossessing sticks¯ from deadbeats in Roxbury and South Boston before working for a greeting card company and ending his business career as a corporate executive for a number of now defunct computer companies.  Since retiring from the American industrial complex he's been writing prose and poetry in San Francisco.

Hellfires Shake the Blues
A book of Poetry

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 Also available in hardback
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Watch for his new volume of poetry: NO WORDS ... JUST NEWS, coming soon.

A novel, The Road Past Oz, will be published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

Gritty and perceptive poetry that strikes at the heart.

Have you heard the NEWS yet?

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You can find two of Peter's Poems in volume 3 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies
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The Road Past OZ

Shields Tarry's troubled life just got weirder.  While frantically juggling with the consequences of elusive events apparently forgotten during a drunken binge, it becomes clear that someone has been trying to warn him of impending disaster. But who is it, and can he make sense of the mystery before his sales job for an innovative new computer system implodes?


(Warning: explicit scenes)


Shields Tarry is a corporate executive teetering on the precipice of overwhelming success, but the more his accomplishments are trumpeted the less he can bear the bawls of acclaim. Because as he insists in this era of inescapable tumult nothing that really changes you Arrives as a wham! It comes in a low, derisive whisper. A wholly regenerative whisper that Shields so wants to perceive he is willing to risk the enormity of murder or suicide to revive, recollect, recapture; for it’s also his belief that every man and woman has heard this selfsame whisper before . . . commencing at the instant when the Powers-of-Being dissuade them of believing they’re anything special. Anything unique. Anything that anybody would really want to hear or see, much less be. Yet the pursuit of this previously plundered edification is so frenetic it turns Shields deaf, dumb, and blind to any pursuit at all. A pursuit that finds him unconsciously separating himself from his everyday life, his loves, his friends, and most radically, his given profession in an uncompromising quest to burst beyond the cacophony of the communication age back to the stillness of the initial whisper back to a self-styling long lost, but never forgotten. So with only man’s most commonplace existence of coincidence and circumstance to draw upon, Shields broke from the ordinary to construct a fully autonomous persona deemed Americman. A dangerously mutating man who views survival not as the absence of death, but as the successful confrontation of everything he fears will kill him or, at the very least, condemn him to a life of inexpressible anonymity.

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The third volume of contemporary poetry by Peter Jacob Streitz roars from a spiritual attack on America’s Burning Man Festival to the ever rekindling heat of aging, in Early Bird—all the eternal time bombs of existence in a world where the differing of opinions is no longer a beginning but an end. A striking collection that never fails to deliver.




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