Peter N. Bernfeld


Peter is an ex helicopter pilot, ex airline pilot, ex-restauranteur, and ex-hypnotherapist. He is the author of various sci-fi and historical fiction. He has lived all over the world and now lives in Andover, UK.

Also by Peter N. Bernfeld:

Afterdeath: A Barnikel and Fearnaught Occult Detective Thriller, Volume 1
Jogger in Black: Volume 2
Sing A Song of Saturn
Karno's Casebook
Kitty Cracks Case (Karno Book 1)
Polly Picked the Pistol Up (Karno Book 2)
The Kaieteur Caper (Karno Book 4)
The Poisoned Pastie (book 5)
Eliezer's Journey
Eliezer's Return
The Mysterious Dr. LeMesurier

The Kids of Granger's Bottom,

short story in volume 4 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies,
Consuming Tales

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Peter's story Tim and Betsey Save Christmas  appears in volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies Santa's Little Helpers

Santa's Little Helpers (color paperback)

This book is available in two print versions: a luxury full color edition, as well as more reasonably priced  in black and white:

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Consuming Tales bookmarks
Consuming Tales Wordsearch puzzle
Santa's Little Helpers children's coloring page
Santa's Little Helpers bookmarks
Santa's Little Helpers Wordsearch puzzle
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