Pink Piffing

     Ever received a kindness you feel you can't adequately repay? Now you can just PIFF it!
     Post your reason in our Facebook Piffing Group and describe your Piffs: you might inspire others to do the same.

     Paying It Forward is a good way of spreading love into the world and showing appreciation of all those helpful little gestures that have brightened your day.

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     A stranger held the door for you while you struggled with an unwieldy burden? Someone made up the rest of your bus fare for you when you were caught without enough change? You could make a donation to a charity, but not every piff has to be cash - making a hat or scarf for a homeless person, running an errand for a disabled neighbor or helping organize Christmas gifts for needy children are all ways to express your love and gratitude for people or life.


You get back from something whatever YOU have put into it.
The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it.
Every personal contribution is also a contribution to the Whole.
Loving contributions bring life to, and inspire, the Whole.

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Below are some useful links and suggestions for your Piffing.

Our Children's Corner has tutorials and templates for fun ideas. Why not print out a selection of coloring pages for a sick child,or make up some of the craft ideas into an activities pack for them?

Many people like to knit or crochet for charities: check out these -

There are many Facebook charity knitting groups.  Here are some:   (Woollies for the World)  (Knitting/Crocheting for Charity)  (Charity Knitting and Crocheting)  (Crafted with Love - Charity Knits and Crafts)

Another idea would be to take teddy bears to your local police station or fire station. Apparently they are happy to take them

because a teddy bear can be a comfort for children in times of distress, and they use them to give to kids during these times.

For a child who has lost their possessions in a fire, this might just help to ease the stress of the whole ordeal.

Locate a charity shop.  Take them your unwanted items to sell for their cause; browse and buy something yourself:

VOLUNTEERING is a great way to piff: you can work in a charity shop or for any charity which needs volunteers.
Try to find your niche, or google "how to volunteer" ...
Many charities need volunteers:

Mix volunteering with adventure: is an organization dedicated to providing a resource bank to educators and students worldwide.  It

is their mission to assist teachers in finding valuable resources for classroom use.  Visit their website to find out more.

Gifts you can send by email:

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Bake someone a cake:

Or create another gift:

Give a stray pet a home:


Send someone an e-card to brighten their day:

Many e-cards are free to send: check your own

favorite charity's website, they may have their

own that you can send, supporting their cause

at the same time.

Teach a child to fingerknit, or make someone a

scarf using this fun method:


Take a look at the Crimson Cloak Piffing Facebook community




and the

Find us on Facebook:

Find us on Facebook:

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One great way to Piff is to gift

people copies of books.  This is

easy to do  - you can buy

any book and have it sent to

someone via email.

Knit little items for charity:

Little crochet hearts to make and give away:

  1. This is what we are trying to do with the
  2. Crimson Cloak Anthologies 
  3. and the Crimson Cares range - 


Why do you do this?

Like the juggler who performed his acrobatics at the altar because he had no cash offering to lay upon it, we give what we can, donating our skills. Stories are only live when they are being read. Like children, after the struggle to bring them forth writers only want them to be happy and to do some good in the world. This way they can.


What do you get out of it?

To sell books, authors have to be visible; their work has to be seen. This way they can introduce their works to the world while doing some good. Everyone wins. Kindness is catching, you know! Thatís why we started our Pink Piffing campaign: encouraging people to Pay It Forward in gratitude for their blessings, anything from being afforded the sight of a beautiful sunset to an unexpected windfall.


Isnít this just corporate sponsorship?

As far as we know, this has never been done before in quite this way. It is a gift we make to a charity, followed up by marketing work to help it grow for them. It is their book, every copy sold generates money for the charity, none of the contributors earn anything from the anthologies. To raise money for themselves, a charity has only to open their heart and encourage people to buy the book, no request is made for actual publicity or branding. Some selling platforms donít allow books to be permanently free, so selling it increases the range of outlets that will carry the book and generates more money for the charity. And if the charity can get direct sponsorship of their anthology for themselves, we will give them the written right to do this.


Arenít you giving the book away as well?

Publishing is an odd business, giving a book away is a proven way of generating sales for it. People have to know about it before they can buy it! Each anthology contains a section about the charity itís in aid of, what they are trying to do, links to their website etc., so the book acts like an advertising leaflet for that charity. Everyone loves a freebie: if the charity offers the book for free they can use it to thank their supporters for their interest, reward donors, tell new people about what they do, and create a buzz that leads to new funding. Everyone wins!


Donít they have to pay for the Print version?

The publisher donates time, experience and money preparing and marketing the book for the charity, and couldnít afford to give away printed copies on top. Each print-on-demand print book is sold at COST plus one dollar for the charity, so anyone, including the charity and its supporters, is free to buy it and sell it on at a profit to raise funds for them. This is a win-win situation as the charity can buy their own print book at COST for resale at the retail price if they wish, or to use as a raffle prize in fundraisers.


Isnít this just a gimmick?

Our lovely contributors were so enthusiastic about the first one that we incorporated the anthologies into a permanent expression of our corporate ethos. Four volumes came out in 2015 and we continue to produce new ones. It is our way of Piffing