Salena Anderson Fowler


Born in Riverside, California, Salena is the youngest of five. She graduated school in San Bernardino, California. After an abusive marriage ended she returned home with her son and resumed her education, only to become caregiver for ten years for her mother who had Alzheimer’s. Now happily married for 37 years, she credits God for giving her the strength to cope.

Salena's book
is published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

Dedicated to God, who guided her hand while writing, this book was a life-changing experience for the author. It will show you there is a better way, a better life, and a brighter day; that there is always hope if only you believe.
Each page is presented as a personal one-on-one conversation: the top part of each page is your encouragement, and the bottom part of each page is your strength. As you begin to read, you should find yourself gaining both. Lending a simple and refreshing change of pace, there is something about these words that heal the mind, body and soul.  For those positive words of encouragement that we all need, you need look no further than this book.

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I thank God
for a new brand life. God has allowed me to write this book. I thank Him daily. God is in front of me, He is on each side of me, He has my back, He has placed my feet on solid ground and the crown on my head, and he has anointed it with oil.

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