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When the black slaves are freed at the end of the American Civil War, Sammy sets out for Texas to follow his dream of becoming a cowboy. But his unexpected skill with a gun gains him a reputation he did not seek, and soon he must choose between two paths in order to win the woman he loves.

Sammy by Chuck Kelly
Reviewed by Lynn Laframboise

Finally freed from slavery, Sammy’s celebration is shortened by the death of his father. With the approval and help of other former slaves, Sammy escapes. My heart sank for young frightened Sammy. Without direction or family, his only dream, to be a cowboy seemed impossible after a severe beating in a white man’s bar in Texas.
A wealthy white rancher named Drew arrives at Sammy’s rescue, claiming to want nothing in return. Frightened, Sammy hesitates but accepts his ride from the fateful town. Drew introduces him to new friends, an exciting life and a real paying job! Traveling to Abilene, Sammy was injured and spent many hours practicing his fast draw. Becoming the fastest draw brought Sammy less joy than he expected. Especially after meeting a beautiful girl.
You’ll enjoy the journey as naïve Sammy grows into a kind man with responsibility and self-acceptance. This is one of the best books I’ve read in months!


Review “Sammy”

Robert Crittendon, Event chair , Publicity coordinator at San Clemente Military Family. Jun 18, 2015



I finished "Sammy" last night and really, really enjoyed it.  I think you did a great job with the overall flow of the story, and super handling of the conversations throughout.  They all rang true, very natural.  I was hooked early, and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen to Sammy and Natasha, and Drew and the rest of your characters.


I might add that you write like a poet, and have a gift for creating a "sense of place" and an environment that envelops the reader. I'm a sucker for good poetry-- whether it comes from someone who paints a word picture like Robinson Jeffers' "Hurt Hawks" or our country Poet laureate Merle Haggard and "If we make it through December."

Overall, A+  !!!

You de man!



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