Stan Kegel


Stan Kegel is a retired pediatric cardiologist residing in Orange, California. He is the author-publisher of several joke lists including 'Jest For Kids', 'Pun Of The Day", and 'Profusion of Puns and Gaggles of Groaners' and is a regular contributor to multiple internet joke lists. He is the co-author of a book of groaners based on lines from familiar songs, "The Ants Are My Friends', and a book for children, 'Hilarious Holiday Humor'. He was honored as the International Punster Of The Year in 2000 and has served 17 times as a judge at the annual O. Henry Pun-Off in Austin, Texas.

Written by the members of an online punsters’ group known as PUNY, this is a book of clever riddles and puns to entertain those of all ages who enjoy wordplay. Have some fun — read this book. And see how many of the riddles you can figure out before you read the answers!

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