Suzanne King

Suzanne King is a very new children's author and loves to read children's books. Her favourite books are The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Mary Poppins, Charlotte's Web and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, to name just a few. Suzanne loves the seaside and spending time walking along the beach.

The Enchanted Beach Hut is Suzanne's first chapter book.


Emmeline's enchanted beach hut can take her anywhere she wants to go.  When she and her cat Chesterpuss are sent to spend the summer at her Aunt Adna's, the beach hut comes too.  Soon Emmeline is plotting to "rescue" her cousin Alice from her sickroom for some restorative fresh air and adventure, meeting some adorable friends along the way.

Suzanne King was inspired by numerous visits to Holkham beach in Norfolk, UK, and seeing the lovely brightly colored beach huts there.  This is a charming children's Fantasy chapter book for children aged 7-9 years of age.

With foreword by Lady Leicester
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The Enchanted Beach Hut children's coloring page

Foreword by Lady Leicester, to The Enchanted Beach Hut:


Suzanne writes with a charming lightness of touch and introduces us to her heroine Emmeline, a feisty little girl who has her own travelling beach hut. We hear about her adventures when she comes to Norfolk, to visit her invalid cousin Alice and her strict aunt Adna.


Alice is tempted out of her sick room by Emmeline and the journeys they have in the beach hut, which takes them off to more magical places. They meet all sorts of talking animals including mice, lobsters, starfish and of course Emmeline's much loved cat,  Chesterpuss, who is most concerned about his unsatisfying diet when staying at aunt Adna’s.

The beach hut adventures help Alice regain her bloom and return to full health and the book concludes with a sense of promise and cheer for the future of all the main characters.


The beaches in Norfolk are particularly wild and beautiful and I was delighted to read such a captivating children's story based around them. My daughter Bess, who is 10, loved it as much as I did.


- Polly Leicester


Illustrated by Nicola Spink

, children's rhyming fiction based on the resident cats of Gunby Hall,
a stately home in Lincolnshire, UK managed by the National Trust

A delightful little rhyming story about two cats Committee and Craig, who live in the beautiful grounds of the National Trust property Gunby Hall in Lincolnshire, UK.

Committee and Craig are cats. Not just any ordinary cats, but aristo-cats, that live amongst the beautiful estate of Gunby Hall.

They like living at Gunby Hall and welcoming its many visitors who come from far and wide.

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