Taria Reed




TARIA REED: Digital Artist

My name is Taria (Maria with a T) Reed. I'm a trained photographer specializing in children and family portraits.

In early 2011 I felt the need to expand creatively. I started photographing adults for stock websites. In my mind I was shooting for book covers. I'm a romance audio book junkie so I love looking at all the beautiful covers. I've always used Photoshop to edit my portraits but I wanted to go further. I started devouring any and all artistic tutorials. I would practice for hours and turn photos into covers or art. I was approached by a few self-published authors who asked me to create covers for their e-books and I jumped at the opportunities to learn even more.

After some time I started stalking publishing houses to see the covers they were putting out. I worked hard until I felt what I could do was up to snuff. Once I was comfortable with my skills I started emailing publishing houses with cover artist inquiries. I got a great response to my sample work and I'm looking forward to getting even better.

Being a photographer professionally I quickly married my love of photography and my growing love for cover design. I became known for shooting my own images for my covers. In August 2013 I opened up my own stock house called "The Reed Files". It's been a wild ride but I love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else for a living.