Tarren-James Hardvard


My name is Tӓrren-James Hardvard. I have been writing stories for a while now and it's a strong hobby of mine. I like rock and metal music and have a passion for driving, these might seem meaningless, but the small things feed into the bigger picture. I also live with my girlfriend, a fellow writer, and correct her grammar all the time.

Step into the Dormant Worlds…

The realm of mankind stretches across many worlds, between them lie the twisted golden clouds of the Dormant Worlds.

Ake is born one of those destined never to step forth into those clouds, but all that changes in one moment, sending him across the twists and turns of the skies in a bitter hunt against fate and many dangers, to find his father.



A story of a bygone age.  A journey begins through the mists of time.


A little boy called Ake listens to a tale narrated by his father, a SkySailor, in the deep recesses of the night.  Ake listens in awe as his father describes the torrid flight of Freyja, the boat, whooshing through the ocean and sailing off through the wilds.  When it is time for the SkySailor to depart, his son clings to him desperately, begging him not to leave him.  Ake receives a parting gift from his father.  It is a featureless wooden cube box and when shaken, the sound of the rattle is heavy.  Tears formed in Ake’s eyes as he held the box tight to his chest and cried himself to sleep.




Not a day goes by that the thought of reuniting with his father never ceases in his mind.  Ake often remembers the most valuable lesson in life his father taught him.  The greatest journey is a footstep away, it is just outside your door.  It only takes a moment.  On the other hand, Ake's mother always reminds him that his father was such a good man and he worked his hardest to change the world.  With tears moistening her eyes she points out to Ake, the boats out there, both airborne and seaborne, are his father’s creation.


One day Ake’s employer presents him with a parchment, stating it was from his mother.  When he opens it there are no explanations, just two words, “come home.”  Ake runs and runs, away from his employer, a harsh tyrant, and eventually reaches home.   Once he inside he calls out for his mother in desperation, only to find her standing near the window, cold and shaking, letters and notes  strewn all over his bed.  Ake then decides that his mother and he should leave High Fall, and go searching for his father.


On the day of the departure something goes terribly wrong.  Ake and his mother stand at the docks waiting to depart on a journey but to no avail.  Ake does not have much luck in persuading two officials to let them get on the boat, his mother walks back home, tears again falling from her frozen face.  Anger grows within Ake at the injustice of it all, the weather being beautiful and the marvelous boats gliding along with their golden sails.  Ake decides to return home, when in the alleyway he recognizes a patronising voice calling out to him.  He turns around and to his horror, he recognizes his former tyrant of an employer, his former oppressor.  A silver locket belonging to his father is around the tyrant’s neck.  The locket is set in metal.  The oppressor removes the locket from around his neck and crushes it flat with sole of his boot in the deep snow.


Again, Ake runs as he did six days ago, around the same roads until he eventually reaches home.  Only his front door stands out in the surrounding gray atmosphere, dented and off its hinges.  He pushes the door out of the way and walks into the house.  What little possessions his family had were all gone.  He could hear his mother’s sobs in the kitchen and his eyes are drawn to the staircase.  The third stair is broken off and its hidden contents taken.


What happens next my dear readers, I shall not reveal to you because it is up to you to go on the self-discovery of an adventurous voyage with Ake, the main character in this book.