The Emma Tate series

Star Star Star Star Star Emma Tate and the Magic Plate
An Emma Tate Book
by Rosita Bird
Children - Educational, 15 Pages
Reviewed on 11/02/2015 by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

Emma Tate is a good girl, but the same can’t be said about her eating habits. Like her friends, she loves to eat fish fingers, chips, sweets and crisps rather than the mashed potatoes, vegetables and meat that her mum prepares for dinner. She often pushes her food around the plate, makes faces, and drops bits over the edge of the plate. Her mum is worried about Emma not getting all the nutrients she needs. One day she buys a lovely plate with a beautiful picture of a house on it for Emma to use. When Emma still won’t eat her food, an elf who lives in the house on the plate begs Emma to eat her dinner because the food blocks his door and windows.

Children are all about taste. If it tastes good, then it’s good for them even though it’s unhealthy. Their reluctance to expand their taste buds also makes the problem worse. There are many ‘Emma Tate’ kids out there, testing their parents’ patience. With the help of the magic plate, little Emma realizes that dinner might taste good after all. I’m sure this charming, short tale would also help others like Emma.

To all those mothers out there who have children who are fussy eaters, Emma Tate and the Magic Plate by Rosita Bird is a fun way to teach children with picky eating habits. With Lynn Costelloe’s delightful and entertaining illustrations as well as Bird’s easy and engaging prose, young readers can enjoy this story with or without their parents.

Emma Tate and the Magic Plate is the first book in this charming educational series from
Rosita Bird, illustrated by Lynn Costelloe

Emma Tate hates eating anything nutritious.  When her despairing mother buys her a pretty plate to encourage her to eat up her dinner, she is unimpressed - until the elf that lives inside the house on the plate begs her to eat the food blocking his doorway so that he can come out. When she does, she finds proper food is not so bad as she thought!  Beautifully illustrated throughout by
Lynn Costelloe, Emma Tate and  the Magic Plate  is a fun story that encourages children to eat healthily.  The author attributes current health problems to unhealthy childhood diet, and dedicates this book to all the parents of fussy eaters out there.

Emma Tate Gets Lost at the Fete

Boris, the elf that lives in the cottage depicted on Emma's magic plate, travels in her pocket to a local fete, where Emma gets separated from her mother. He saves the day when a stranger dressed as a clown tries to get Emma to accompany him.  Emma learns her lesson and will not wander off on her own again! Part of the "Emma Tate" series, this is a light-hearted story that warns children about "stranger-danger". Beautifully illustrated by Lynn Costelloe

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Emma Tate Gets Lost at the Fete children's coloring page