The Legend of Otherland book series

     Young Bunker Charles is the Crown Prince of the mysterious planet of OTHERLAND. Follow his adventures with his friend Gittel in this fascinating series by talented author and musician CHUCK KELLY.
    When a meteorite hit planet earth, which was supposed to have destroyed the continent of Atlantis, Atlantis sank into the Atlantic Ocean as was believed by some. Located just below Atlantis was a small country called Otherland (Like the country of New Zealand is below the continent of Australia). When the giant meteorite struck and buried the continent of Atlantis, the force from the explosion propelled the country of Otherland away from earth and into outer space.
      The mass of earth and water that was Otherland, eventually formed into a gravitational ball and went into its own orbit around Jupiter. Otherland brought with it and maintained its own atmosphere and gravity.
      When the organisms began to take form, bringing life to Otherland, the interior was compressed into many caverns, tunnels and underground rivers. After several centuries of orbiting around Jupiter, a meteorite hit Jupiter and the repercussions from the explosion again sent Planet Otherland back into outer space. Eventually, Otherland went into orbit again, this time around Planet Earth. Otherland had made a complete cycle and was back (near)
where the whole process had begun.



Evil Does Exist children's coloring page
Young Bunker Charles, prince of the mysterious and beautiful planet of Otherland, gets more than he bargains for when he witnesses a kidnapping. His pursuit draws him across onto the Dark side of his world. Battling foul weather, a faulty cobaplane and sea monsters, he must struggle to free his new friend Gittel from the Evil Pencinell and her minions, and return to his safe world.

Adventure Underground children's coloring page
On the enchanted planet of Otherland, thirteen-year-old Bunker Charles is forced by a one-inch tall Flooglebopper to return with him to the center of Otherland in his cobamole. There he is required to defend the diminutive mining community's precious mangolite from the one-foot tall Bargolians, who plan to steal the mangolite to light their underground city. Bunker’s friend Gittel is captured by the High Priest of Bargolia while attempting to rescue him and forced to to fight against him in their defence. Can Bunker use diplomacy to reconcile the two sides and rescue Gittel?

Adventure in Space children's coloring page

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Young Bunker Charles and his friend Gittel are accidental stowaways on the test flight of Bunker's father's new space ship.  They are drawn against their will to the planet Acron, which is run by the mysterious four-eyed graymanoids, who covet the triptonite from which inventor Steven Charles' prototype spaceship is made.  He is captured and forced to work to provide them with the formula. Bunker and Gittel escape.  Can they overcome the mind control which keeps the planet's kidnapped population enslaved, and free Steven and their new friends?
Adventure in the Secret City, part of the Legend o
Secret City bookmarks set
Secret City Children's coloring page
Secret City bookfront children's coloring page
Secret City mini-notebook (make from single sheet of A4 paper)
Adventure in the Secret City

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Also Available in hardback

Young Bunker Charles’ first day at the Learning Center on the enchanted planet of Otherland goes awry when his father’s flying zoomer is ‘borrowed’ by a fellow pupil. Bunker and his friend Gittel give chase. In the legendary Secret City, they discover that all is not what it seems amongst snow-capped mountains, and before they can return home, they must battle to save their friends, new and old.

Covers by Leslie Gabrielse
Legend of Otherland bookmarks