The Miracle Ship

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A little girl with irreparable brain damage, is now a healthy teenager. A teenage boy diagnosed as permanently paralysed now plays football with his friends. Walking miracles abound who owe their healings to John Gillespie, an ordinary man of extraordinary faith and true healing gifts.
The Miracle Ship is a true account. Whatever your beliefs, this book is a heartwarming and life-changing read.

Authored by Brian O'Hare, from  conversations with John Gillespie

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Review Rating: 4 stars.
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

The Miracle Ship: The Extraordinary Story of a Modern-day Disciple by Brian O'Hare is the story of John Gillespie, his personal story and his extraordinary healings that speak for themselves. This book has some incredible stories bordering on miracles, and it is a book that can change one's life and take them on a path of faith and God's power. The messages shared by John are profound, insightful and inspirational. The book exposes the power of Satan and also teaches readers how to pray positively so that all their prayers are answered. It's definitely a book for those who are going through low phases in their lives.

The story is about John who heals himself first and then begins healing others. His courage and determination are motivational. The book is packed with Christian beliefs, but all the lessons that the author tries to teach readers are humbling and can be incorporated into one's daily life. The book also increases the faith one has in the Lord and His power and strength. The author reiterates the power of God through the story of John Gillespie and his miracles.

John's heartwarming story will touch the hearts of readers on many levels. The information about prayer, scriptures and real life experiences are all learning tools for readers to change their perspectives on life and living. The author also speaks about exorcism and demonic possession and its adverse effects that manifest as calamities and illnesses many times. An uplifting book that is inspiring to readers.

Review in Irish Catholic magazine

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The Miracle Ship – a Review
by Lisa • March 8, 2016

In this world we live in, so many things can go wrong. Life would be so much easier if we knew for sure that God was real, that miracles really do happen. If you have ever wondered about this, if the wrongdoings by so-called “faith healers” and televangelists have left you faithless, The Miracle Ship could be the thing to turn your faith back to where it needs to be.

Before reading this book, I had never heard of John Gillespie. The Miracle Ship is the story of his life and ministry. At a young age, he was stricken with severe avascular necrosis (bone decay) in one of his leg and hip joints. The story of his life until he was healed of this affliction is amazing, but what he has allowed the Lord to do with life afterward is even more so.

He has been called a faith healer, but he is quick to respond that the Lord is the one who does the healing, not him. And most impressive to me, he doesn’t charge for the healing services he holds. He doesn’t have a long list of books he has written about his ministry or a bunch of his recorded messages that he is trying to sell to the public.

For those of you who have never experienced or seen the healing power of the Lord, many of the things that are talked about in this book might strike you as impossible, but for those who have seen what the Lord can do, it only reiterates His love, grace, and power.

Did I enjoy this book? Undoubtedly yes. Many stories of the healings that the Lord has done through John Gillespie are there to read about and learn from. The very first story, the story of a young boy with a spinal cord injury so severe that he was never going to walk again struck a chord with me. It brought back memories of the almost fatal car wreck I had many years ago and the doctor’s diagnosis that I would be brain-damaged and in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. That boy is walking again, and I’ve not sat in a wheelchair since I left the hospital.

So, if you want to read an amazing story of faith that will rock your world, I highly recommend this book.


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