The Yellow Rose

By Wesley Tallant

Also available in hardcover

In 1886, Bexar County rancher Mike Callahan goes for his yearly pilgrimage to honor the father he lost in the battle of the Alamo. While he is there on the fiftieth anniversary of the fall of the Alamo, his wife Rose is kidnapped. He leads a posse of men, including the county sheriff, in an attempt to rescue her. He is killed: but questions soon arise as to who shot him. Intrigue and family betrayal follow Rose as she strives to keep the ranch that Mike named after her, running. 

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5-star review on Amazon:
Excellent read. This author knows the territory, the lingo, and how to construct a compelling story line. Unusual is that he inserts twists early in the script, pays attention to the unique gait of a horse and is able to reveal the interactions on both sides of the conflict. Strongly recommended.

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