Veronica Castle

Cover art for The Magic World of Bracken Lea

Veronica Castle lives in the high Pennines of northern England.
  She is the illustrator of The Magic World of Bracken Lea (above), by Esma Race, and Little Bear's Trial, by Roger Bone.  She does the free downloadable children's coloring pictures and other internal and cover artwork for Crimson Cloak Publishing.

http://raceesma. wix. com/esma-race#!veronica-castle/c1tpe

http://www. farcourt. co. uk/ge/zentangle. html

https://www. facebook. com/esmarace

https://www. smashwords. com/profile/view/veronicacastle

Tangle pictures to print out and colour in, inspired by the children's books of Crimson Cloak Publishing.

For each children's book published by Crimson Cloak Publishing, Veronica Castle creates a related tangle picture for children to color in, which is downloadable for free from the Crimson Cloak Publishing website's Children's Corner. Now for the first time some of these are offered here in book form. The pictures in the pdf can be individually printed out to be colored in by children or adults, and a print volume will also be available. Coloring in complicated patterns is considered an excellent way of reducing stress: check out the other coloring and activity books in this range for a wide selection of coloring choices.

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Illustrations for AMAZING ADVENTURES IN SHELBY'S SHOES, by Melissa Harker-Ridenour

Chapter heading sketch for The Search, short story by Esma Race in the third of the Crimson Cloak charity Anthologies LOVE MATTERS