Wayne Sanders



Wayne Sanders started writing, creating characters and developing stories during his time in the military travelling the world and gaining inspiration for some of his work.

His most notable works such as Katalina, Grafenveer andDestroyer were developed from nightmares. Concerned by his nightmares, Wayne was instructed by his mother to write them down and develop them into the works of horror we have today.




A graphic Novel

Written by Wayne Sanders
Illustrated by

Manuel Martin Peniche

In the most romantic city on earth, destruction and chaos is what she leaves behind as she searches through time and space for the one whom she simply refers to as "el diablo". A dark figure from her past in another life that brutally murdered her father and laid waste to her entire village, changing her forever into what she is today. 
Helping Katalina in her quest is Billy, the young boy whom she believes is her father reincarnated. 
But what she has not foreseen is a mysterious hooded figure known as The Priest, who himself has direct orders from God to take down Katalina - for the power she wields is from fallen angels, and as her rage grows so does the darkness within. Soon it will be uncontrollable.

Possibly putting an end to all of creation itself.

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Gabriel Shaw is a man plagued by a mysterious entity that only appears when he is not awake.

Ever since he was a child, Gabriel has been the focus of several investigations involving brutal killings and the most gruesome mutilations.

Deemed criminally insane, he was taken away and cared for by a doctor, who not only believes Gabriel is innocent but, he believes he can prove it.

Yet, even now, when Gabriel awakens, he finds himself questioning his own sanity as he tries desperately to sort out the chaos left for him by the demon...or perhaps himself.

Illustrated by

Fernando Kiro Campos

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Look for DESTROYER 2, coming soon from Crimson Cloak Publishing

Coming soon from Wayne Sanders:


In the Wild West of the1800s, a priest named Diego is hired by the church along with a group of bounty hunters to retrieve an ancient and sacred artifact called the Cross of Oaxaca. The relic was taken by a fellow priest in order to complete his part of a deal struck with a demonic being known by locals simply as The Beast, in life a high-ranking soldier in the indestructible Roman army, whose insatiable thirst for blood led to his downfall and damnation. Now thousands of years later, the being, known now by the name of Montaug, seeks the cross of Oaxaca for his redemption - for the legend around the crucifix states that the gold used to create it was forged with the blood of Christ by an unknown group of disciples. When the search brings father Diego to California, they meet Revo Kaniis, the leader of the legendary Gunslingers, and hear about a series of gruesome events they witnessed days earlier.

     A team of present-day outlaws discover information about the crucifix from a secret facility in Nevada, along with a machine supposedly capable of travelling through time.

     Three hundred years into the future, where humanity is struggling to survive amongst the ruins of a great war, High Commander Reginald Grayson, a superior ranking officer in the new army, sees a glimmer of hope within the legend of the Crucifix and pursues it for himself.  

      With the chase for the Relic developing into a violent one, the path to redemption is soaked in blood, eventually uniting pursuers from all three timeframes for an ultimate showdown on an island untouched by time and ruled by the beast himself.    

Wayne Sandman Sanders is a huge fan as well an avid reader of sci-fi, westerns and horror which was his main inspiration behind Gunslingers. Even though he created the concept almost 20 years ago, it took a while for him to finish writing the first drafts due to his time overseas in the military. Writing in general has no doubt become a labor of love. It is a great therapy as well as a passion. In addition to writing novels, Wayne has spent time creating and writing comic books, screenplays and painting. Gunslingers is an attempt in creating a new style of hardcore action for the reader who is seeking something just a little bit more and hopefully they will enjoy.

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