Will Neill


Will Neill is an award winning Irish author, poet and amateur musician; Born in Belfast in the late fifties. Will has established himself as a prolific writer all over the world for both his prose and poetry. He admits to being an avid reader and doesn’t like to restrict his writing to a singular genre preferring to write about ‘what makes a good story.’
His story ‘The Jesus Syndrome’ is currently being made into a short film.

Find his short story "The Art of Dying" in Crimson Cloak Publishing's autumn anthology CRIMSON ENDINGS

Details of all his work can be found at:   www.willneill.simplesite.com
Blog site www.willneillauthor.tumblr.com 

Four Times Published with ‘Circus of Indie Artists’ www.amazon.com
Featured Author www.mavguardmagazine.com 5 and 6 editions
Gold winner award NY Literary Magazine Poetry https://nyliterarymagazine.com/?s=tender+is+the+night
Short stories: www.theholidaycafe.com
Mutable Contest winner www.writerscafe.org
30 publications www.storystar.com (a site which he co-edits/manages)
Western Specialist Magazine www.ropeandwire.com commissioned story.
Club Membership; Finaghy Library Book reviewers and South Belfast Creative writing promotional society.
Works in process:
The Light House – A Paranormal Crime Novel
Ivory Dreams - A ghost story Novel with a twist
Murder on the Titanic-A Paranormal Crime Novel
The Holy Trinity - A  crime Novel


Crimson Endings

Endings are a part of life's relentless cycle.
Here is a mixed genre selection of tales reflecting life's mirror.
Murder mysteries, ghost and war stories, fantasy and contemporary, this collection of work from Crimson Cloak Publishing's talented stable of authors offers a variety of reads within the pages of one book.

You won't want it to end!

 Find this author's short story "The Art of Dying" in this book

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Irish author Will Neill has seen his writing grow in popularity since he began captivating readers with his versatile range of genres in 2007. In his latest compilation One More Ride on the Carousel he presents a generous collection of short stories, some brand new and some personal favorites from his library, for you to enjoy. All are assembled together for the first time in one book, each with a revelatory introduction. There is a curio for every reader. A renowned surgeon who murders his wife after she becomes possessed with an ancient Tibetan demon let loose from a strange box. One man's own tortured memories of abuse as a child at the hands of a priest. Two twin sisters, one of whom is a successful fashion model and the other who lives in her shadow only with murder on her mind. Or the young girl who has to deal with her mother’s cancer which is slowly taking her life, in The Art of Dying;  Irish witches and vampires with links to Bram Stoker himself in Dearg Due, and so much more.

Vibrant story-telling and intriguing narrative with themes of horror, compassion, love, and the unexpected, this is one of Will Neill’s best offerings to both his constant readers and a new audience.  

“Roll up, Roll up, and step aboard my merry go round, choose your ride, but hold on tight as we may go a little bit faster this time, on One more ride on the Carousel.”

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